Update: OTEX and MGA

Hi people. Getting a lot of feedback about stocks that you want me to check – keep sending them and I do the analysis. For now, two updates….

Open Text CorpĀ (OTEX)

I just analyzed Q2 data, and the model stands. Its a good company, so buyable, and it is underpriced, so buy. There is, however, 1 red flag with OTEX: massive deferred tax showing up in Q1 and Q2. I dont think it is a problem for now, but I will keep you updated.

BUY AT: lower than 235.6 USD

SELL AT: 447.6 USD

Magna International (MGA)

This stock went down like a bunny rabbit after posting Q4 and full 2016 results. I just redid the numbers in my excel, and its not a good company anymore. Something went wrong in Q4! Notably, owner’s earnings are going down. Hence, we dont care about the price: its a bad company now, and get rid of it.



Update: MGA

MGA is a company I have in my pocket for quite some time. Its undervalued, growing. Mr Market thinks otherwise. No worries, I can wait. I if course every quarter update my prediction about price and see if the company is still good, which it is. Anyway, (1) is it a good company? YES -> HENCE, BUY! (2) At what price?

BUY AT: lower than 47.4 USD


Simple like a bunny rabbit. Duh.